Heterodoxies High Court Case

Status - High court has issued a stay order (halting any proceedings) where the justices claim:

  • Legal Contrivance that has no apparent statutory basis or value to the law


The http://heterodoxies.com web site is now operational (before it wasn’t pointed anywhere). I have read their press release and in accordance with their copyright wishes, I must remove the alleged court filing document from my web site.

Heterodoxies Press Release Statement

The Hetorodoxies group has submitted a case to the High Court in Auckland on August 6th, 2021 according. The document number is CIV-2021-4041599.

The preview copy that I have contains a comprehensive argument the best that I have read thus far and it comes from New Zealand!

The 190 page preview is where the plaintiff is seeking relief from the defendants which includes the New Zealand Government, the prime minister, ministers of health, Pfizer New Zealand and more. 

The case sets out to demonstrate:

  • SARS-COV-2 doesn't exist indicating all COVID measures to be based on a fraud.

  • PCR was used to create a hoax pandemic.

  • Crimes against humanity committed by the New Zealand Government.

  • Terrorism via sustained propaganda implicating media and the New Zealand Government.

  • A fraudulent medical device that is used to 'murder' and cause injury to the general public.